acquisitions and sales Associate

Seeking: world-class hustler with strong moral compass to join real estate startup with 350% annual growth.

You: love people, start-ups, sales, and HGTV. You’ve been hustling hard for a few years and love it, and are looking for the next big challenge. Challenge excites you; without it you’re bored. You’re hungry like the wolf and ready to prove that you’re the best salesperson in greater Boston. You’re energetic, cheerful, and super-charismatic. You can be the life of the party, when you want to. You’re uber-quantitative, maybe to the point where you’ve been caught drooling over a good formula or model. You’re high integrity. Type A. Maybe A+. You’re talented enough that you could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, but you wouldn’t because that’s just not nice.

We: love designing and renovating houses. We work closely as a team, though we each have our own areas of expertise. We are tech startup people who apply our skills to real estate development, and it’s working really, really well. We are growing quickly. We like dogs, especially Labradors. We’re hungry to succeed, and willing to work to make it happen.

Each day, you might be:

-    On the phone with new home sellers looking for our next acquisition
-    Visiting dilapidated properties and meeting potential sellers
-    Working with the team to improve our deal analysis and CRM systems
-    Building relationships with local brokers for both buy and sell
-    Participating in brainstorming sessions with the team
-    Helping to identify and solve problems we didn’t know we had


-    Bachelors degree
-    1-2 years of experience in sales, bonus if it’s in real estate or start-ups
-    Mastery of phone sales skills with 1,000+ hours of phone sales experience and cold calling
-    Phenomenal in-person communication skills with an ability to adapt style to any situation
-    Superior analytical skills, with a natural tendency to think in terms of funnels, conversions, and numbers
-    JFDI attitude and scrappiness
-    A car and valid driver’s license
-    A positive attitude

Salary: OTE between $50K and $70K

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s, live in the Boston area, own a car, and submit both a resume and cover letter to be considered.


To apply

Please apply via our job posting on AngelList: